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For most of us there are difficult times in life when we feel the need for help to work through our experiences. It can be anything from an ongoing crisis, past experiences affecting life now, or that life isn’t going so well and we want to work out why. It takes courage to seek support at these times.

There can also be times when we just want to work through something, to talk to someone who will listen to us without judgement; someone who will help us to explore and understand our life through our own experience.

If you are experiencing difficulties, counselling can support you to find ways to cope and give you choice in your life.

I offer a safe, supportive, friendly and confidential space for you to explore your feelings. A place to express yourself and to uncover your concerns and anxieties, and to move towards a more positive future.

I offer online counselling via Zoom and Skype, and telephone counselling.

Whether you are experiencing:

or you feel helpless and you don’t know why, we can work together to discover new ways to understand and deal with life’s challenges.

You can feel supported while you explore your deepest feelings and experiences.

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“The curious paradox is that when I accept myself just as I am, then I can change.” Carl Rogers

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