As a counselling supervisor I work with trainee and experienced counsellors with an integrative approach.

Working collaboratively I offer professional supervision, working alongside, supporting, nurturing, sharing experience and motivating you in your professional work and your personal development.

With a person-centred approach, my work is underpinned by Hawkins’ and Shohet’s ‘Seven-Eyed Supervisor’ process model, where we focus on the client, what and how they present, along with exploration of the strategies and interventions used by you, the dynamics between you and the client, whilst also focussing on you as a counsellor and the interpersonal relational experience between us as supervisor/supervisee. Within this process we also consider the wider context in which the counselling and the supervision takes place, including culture, difference and diversity.

I also work with Inskipp and Proctor’s ‘3 Tasks of Supervision’ model, focussing on working ethically and safely, offering my experience whilst recognising and celebrating your knowledge and interventions. This model offers valuable space for you to offload and discharge held emotions and to rummage and explore different ways and possibilities of working with the client.

I offer face-to-face supervision in my counselling room as well as on Skype for those who cannot get to me or who live in other countries.


Qualified Counsellors: £45 per full hour pro rata
Trainee Counsellors £40 per full hour pro rata


Qualified counsellors can split their monthly requirement as they wish, with the minimum session length being half an hour.

Trainee counsellors can split sessions as above, bearing in mind the requirement for supervision frequency minimum of every 2 weeks and a minimum of 1.5 hours per calendar month, with a ratio of 1 hour of supervision for every 8 hours of client work.

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